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Moriah Kristine
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Moriah Kristine Farnsworth
(Yes, like from Futurama. And YES...we're related. Truth)
Born in Las Vegas, NV 1991
Currently live in the state of Washington

Zero. I'm an INTP.
One. I’m an introvert.
Two. I love books.
Three. I love the rain.
Four. I’m an “old soul”
Five. I’m dark/gothic.
Six. I’m evil. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Seven. I’m masochistic.
Eight. I'm bisexual.
Nine. I'm artistic and love having projects but tend to get in over my head.
Ten. I love green tea with lemon.
Eleven. I have a dark sense of humor and very harsh and dry sarcasm most don’t understand.
Twelve. I collect glass bottles and jars.
Thirteen. I have a dark past.
Fourteen. I love cats.
Fifteen. I <3 to dance and music.
Sixteen I hate small dogs, the color pink and Twilight.
Seventeen. I love fantasy.
Eighteen. I'm a heartbreaker.
Nineteen I like horror, Halloween, bats, black, and dark, gory things.
Twenty. I "fangirl" over many things, including Harry Potter, American Horror Story, My Little Pony, and various other things.


I should have never you go, should have never said goodbye,
It was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life.
Your love was cosmic energy and I see your eyes in the stars,
My heart keeps breaking for what I did and not knowing where you are.
The moon holds me and I hope you still see a reflection of me in it's glow,
Because now that is the only way my love for you will show.
I sit in sand and wait for time to pass through ocean tides,
I should have never let you go, I should have kept you mine.
Should Have Never Let You Go
It's been a long time since I've added writing here, this was sort of just something I had written on a post-it note for a few months and didn't really know where to put it until I realized I could add it here.

I hate it when people post things and never explain anything when there is clearly a story to it, so I'll give you mine.

I wrote this for an ex-girlfriend a few months ago while I was at work, actually.  It just sort of came to me and I wrote it on a post-it note (as previously stated)
I haven't heard of or heard from my ex girlfriend in years and sometimes, when I think about it too much, I hurt over it, because truth of the matter is, I still care about her in some way.
I really messed up when her and I were together, I pushed her away for the WORST reason possible, an asshole of a guy who abused me, took advantage of me and neglected me in all ways that mattered.  I wish I had a better reason for pushing her away other than I was just scared and I honestly didn't feel like I deserved the happiness she gave me, but that is all it comes down too in the honesty of it all.  
I'm happy with where my life ended up, I left that asshole and found some other guy who treats me very well, I've gotten out of a lot of holes I put myself into and I've overcome some great challenges and we live a happy life.  However, I won't deny the fact that I still think about my ex-girlfriend often and miss her...I do constantly wonder where she is, if she's happy, if she's alright and what might have been if I would have chosen to drop everything I had in my life at the time to be with we would have worked out, where we'd be now...etc.  And honestly, there are days where I cry about it, cry myself to sleep over it, and sometimes dive into bad habits for missing something that could have been so wonderful and for ruining any chance it might have had, but most of all, I hurt over it the most from not knowing anything about her anymore, not even knowing if she exists.
She was more to me than just a girlfriend in high school...She touched a part of my soul that NO ONE else has ever been able too.  She awoken something inside me that no one else could.  She was special to me and I destroyed it all for nothing.  I regret that.  Everyday.  And probably always will.
Riahkitti and Shane by MoriahKristine
Riahkitti and Shane

One of my favorite artists drew a picture and every time I see it, it reminds me of me and my boyfriend, Shane.  So I sort of redrew it as myself and Shane.  I think it came out SUPER cute and I love it so much.  Though I can’t give myself TOO much credit, sense it’s not technically mine, even if I did do a bit of alterations. [=3]

Original artwork is "well hello" by :iconfukari:

I do not claim to fully own this picture, it's not for sale on dA or anywhere else, I just drew it for fun.

Sometimes the people who mean the WORLD to us don't even know we exist...

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Saaaaaame here. Haha. Plus dA has kind of lost my interest with the type of art that's going up nowadays.  I swear, the only things that pop up are nude modeling and MLP porn. Which neither are my thing.  And to add, people keep asking ME to model nude, and I don't know HOW many times I can say "Go look at my gallery.  Do you see me naked? No.  Okay then.  I don't do nudes.  Fuck off". It's getting so irritating.
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