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Moriah Kristine
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Moriah Kristine Farnsworth
(Yes, like from Futurama. And YES...we're related. Truth)
Born in Las Vegas, NV 1991
Currently live in the state of Washington

I’m an introvert.
I love books.
I love the rain.
I love fantasy.
I hate small dogs.
I hate the color pink.
I hate people.


(seriously...NOT interested. It's not my thing. If you got some tits, show me those if you're gunna show me anything. Geez)

(And obviously if you're sending me messages that ARE about such things, you're obviously not reading my profile and so you're not worth the time anyhow.)


   Occasions of masks and dresses, times of lights and music, candles and a mirrors.  This is the stage and it is set for a night and another, many more onward. Smoke is in the atmosphere.  As the ball was in a stir, a woman walked in with a long black dress and a matching black mask.  She looked at the other guests in the room and everything seemed hazy.  They were all twirling here and there and spinning around and around.  Passing from hand to hand and no two faces were alike; they were all unknown, hidden behind their masks.

   She joined into the commotion and twirled and spun with the strangers, as men and women passed around her and handed her off to one another, they were all in a blur of colors and swirls.

   Music played loud and seemed never ending.  The hours ticked by on a giant grandfather clock at the top of a grand staircase and beside the clock stood a man draped in all black with giant antlers coming from out of his top hat and smirking smile on his mask.  Was he real?

   Women were laughing and men we’re talking, everyone smoked and the scent of it filled the air, but it was sweet and thick and made the room seem foggy after some time.  Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.  The minutes passed by and turned into hours.   The sun might come up soon, but time was standing still here and everything kept moving, faster and faster.  Round and round she goes, where she’ll stop, nobody knows!

   Sweet drinks passed from lips to other lips, lip marks and lipstick rimmed the glasses and then the mouths of others.  The sweetness was light and bubbly; it seemed to fill her insides from bottom to top and gave her a consistent buzzing about her but no matter how much of it she drank, her thirst never wavered.

   She twirled and spun, drinking and rimming her glasses, one after the other.  Sipping with a thirst so strong, but it never quenched.  So many masks about her, she wondered briefly if she knew any of them.  She ran into a woman who didn’t seem to notice her, because she was lost in her own trance with the man she was dancing with.  Were they in love?

   She rounded the room in a spinning motion and her feet seemed to not touch the floor.  Candles slowly dripped and she indulged herself in the sweetest looking treats from a silver tray that seemed to shine as bright as the sun and reflected like a mirror, lights scattering across its surface.

   The sweets seemed divine as they passed her lips and soaked into her tongue.  She could never have enough and surely she believed such.  She could consume every piece and she believed she’d never be full.

   What disguises some of these guests wore.  There, that woman looks like a mouse, in a greyish dress with blue lace and little grey round ears, and see, that man over in the corner, he looks most peculiar, for it almost seems that he has multiple faces, a mask in front and another on each side of his head.  Such fantastic things were gathered here, but none of them she knew.  Where did they come from?

   The light was elegant in the space, one moment it would be dark and hazy, soft and gentle, then in the time it took her to blink, bright light flooded the floor and washed over the guests and it was hard to tell what the true colors were anymore.  The light was magnificent and radiant, it seemed it could be brighter than the sun and almost seemed to blind her, but then it was dark again and shadows crept around.

   What lovely things about the room, what beautiful silks and robes and dresses and shoes, what wondrous shrines on skin and jewels, so many things to look at, she thought for sure she couldn’t possibly see everything in a single lifetime.  Smoke and drinks went around the room and this time she felt sick in her stomach, so she declined and watched the many others enjoy themselves and as the night grew longer and hours grew heavier, the dancers and masks changed.

   They passed her by as she sat in a large seat with too many pillows, it had been so soft; she thought if she didn’t hold herself up, the chair might swallow her up.  She admired the dancers, spinning and twirling in the lights, flashes of color and sparkles, and she thought of something, she figured that these masked guests were always here.  There was never a before the party and there would never be an after the party, for it simply always was and they were from here and nowhere, it was just so.  This was the whole world and all of time lay within this space forever.

   She watched them all, they spun and laughed and joked and played and sang out loud with no one in particular.  They kept changing hands and no two people stayed with another person for long.  See there, that man and that woman she ran into, they were off with different partners, he was kissing another woman and she was kissing another man.  So they were not in love.  How sad.

   Bong, Bong, Bong, the clock called out to the crowd of people, but none of them seemed to hear it over their laughter and chitter chatter.  Glasses clinked and more drink was poured, glass upon glass, lips would run out of color, but they seemed to be infinitely, perfectly and delicately hued.  Skirts swayed and men bowed, hats tipped and fans fluttered, they were all bustling from one corner of the room to another in a matter of moments.  What a cycle! Spinning and spinning and spinning, all the twirling and whirling and never stopping swooping and looping.

   That man from by the clock, there he was across the way now and she looked at his masked face and searched for his eyes but they were not there.  She stood and twirled back into the mess and hysteria of the mass and rounded to the side where he was and as she approached him, she realized she could not see his eyes for he had none.  He had removed his mask and beneath there, he also had no face, just a blank canvas and she peered into the crowd and looked closer to their masks.

   In a frantic rush, she swooped back into the chaos of the ball and tore at the masks, and underneath was the same as the man with the antlers, blank, nothing. She gasped and the lights went low again and shadows danced around her, playing and toying, prodding and poking.  None of them were real. She had realized this.  The guests continued to dance and she was alone, standing on the edge, watching them twirl and spin.  The faceless.  The expressionless. The fake. The masked.

   Welcome, to the masquerade

   The Scyer’s Fairytales
   Loathsome is what she felt.  She was damned to this planet and it was cruel.  It smelled of dying life; that might have once flourished, but is now cursed to its evolution.

   Today the clouds rolled into the sickening city and the light shown through to show her the face of God.  He laughed at her, taunted her and showed her where she stood in His universe.  She was no longer his pet in the heavens, but now she had become something lesser than even the humans.  A butterfly without wings is only just a worm.  Its life and purpose have gone and it will eventually die.  God knows all, sees all and allows all.  He chose for the butterfly to be wingless, He allowed that predator to rip the wings from its back and He watched it suffer until it died.  He did nothing.

   Some of the humans believe He is a God of compassion.  But she knows the truth.  He is a God of might and power.  He is vain and narcissistic, He cares for nothing but himself, and the suffering of others is but dust in the wind.  They’re just worms and bugs He wants to collect in His jars so that others might not have them.  He cares not for them, He doesn’t even enjoy or like them, yet He wants them all for Himself, so they may worship Him and no other, so He holds us trapped in His jars on a shelf, and blinds them to anything else beyond.  She was one of the few butterflies in His jar that became sick and ill, and so He tossed her away after ripping off her wings, so she might suffer at the dark abyss until she finally dies.

   The clouds rolled down and she could see the heavens battling as they always do; the clouds and rain covering the blue skies.  She preferred it this way, because she could see it as a reflection of what was inside her.  The air is sticky and sour, death stirred, it filled her lungs and suddenly she breaks out in pain all over.

   The pain is striking and feels like needles in her ribs…She cursed the human bodies and their inability to let her soar into the sky.  Her soul wished to leave and it hurt inside its cage, being stabbed by the bones around it.

   Oh what a vicious God…

   She once knew flight, and saw the universe differently.  She saw stardust and galaxies, showers of chaos and wonder; something about it all was so beautiful, peaceful.  But now here she is, wingless and pathetic, bound in shackles and chains tied to this planet, cursed to this damned rock.

   She hated feeling trapped in her body, she hated God, but most of all, she hated being without her wings.  It was the feeling as if someone were to get into an accident and lose a limb; they could still feel it, like it’s still there.  That’s how she felt…She felt the weight of her wings behind her even though there was nothing there but scars where her wings once had been, and she wondered if she would ever feel normal or whole again.

   The Scryer Fairytales
Your image,
your voice,
your touch and even your smell is playing over and over.
Am I a broken record?
Probably. I've gotten so used to being broken I wouldn't know how to function another way.

Dreams about laying in your bed when I was with you.  
How I would curl into your sheets and just inhale the scent of you.
I miss that.
The fluttering I got in my stomach when I heard your name,
the same fluttering I STILL get now...but now it's slightly more painful, because you're gone.

Images of laying out in the field on the hill, or walking through the sand on the beach.
I loved that.
I had never been so happy in my life aside one exception that came from an artificial substance, a drug, and then I realize something...
The way I felt with you and the way I felt when I was was on, was the same kind of high and it sickens me that those are my only two options for that kind of happiness.
I am losing control and losing my mind, it won't stop rewinding an now my whole soul craves for you.
I've never found the connection I long so much for. Never, only you.
I've brought myself to believe that true love doesn't exist, that soul mates are a myth because I cant find that cord, the connection, the feeling like I've known you all my life and every life before it...
I can't find it.

I'd give up everything I have now to go back.
To go back to knowing you and you knowing me.
There is so much I would change without a doubt in my mind and my insides hurt so much because I know there is nothing in my power than I can do.
I think about you all the time and it literally drives me insane.
I know it's not healthy to dwell on the past...and I'm trying to move on...
And though I have with my life and every other outward appearance, I realize that my heart cannot...or will not...I'm not completely sure.

I known I'm drawn to you in the world, to elements and shadows of you.
Because every time I look at the ocean, every time I look at the moon, every time I feel the rain and every time I can't's always you. And I think it always will be.
HI!! It's been awhile.  I'm sorry I've been...well...invisible.

Currently I'm debating if I should cut my bangs or let them grow out with the rest of my hair...

Made a friend recently and surprise, surprise...she ended up being a shitty "friend" who was just using me and tried to get in my pants...fucking figures.  I can't make friends in real to save my life. [>.<]

Moved from Olympia and now live closer to Tacoma.  Which is about thirty minutes from Seattle.  I love our new apartment.  It's SO much nicer and bigger! Chloe loves it too. [=3]

Well, a WHOLE bunch of other stuff happened, some good, some bad, but lets just say overall, I've been EXTREMELY depressed and I'm not gunna just blab about my personal life when I know most of you don't care, so if you're one who DOES, message me.

So...since I'm rarely on dA, you can follow me on

Tumblr ~
Pinterest ~…

If you want.

Anyways, that's all for now.

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